My Low Country Angels

bringing oceans of love...

I began making my angels for dear friends as Christmas ornaments. A close island friend told me that people would treasure them as a warm remembrance of visiting the Low Country and vacationing on Hilton Head.

Using local oyster shells, real Spanish moss from our trees, along with lots of love, I've created keepsakes that have become more than Christmas ornaments.

Devoted to the highest customer services, I've dedicated My Low Country Angels to be a special expression for any of your occasions, as each one is unique. As you look through the photo gallery you'll see the differences that make each one of my angels "one-of-a kind".

My Low Country Angels are carefully packaged to prevent any shipping damage. However, if any damage occurs, I will do my best to do a replacement as similar to your original order as possible.

Please view the site and if you have any questions or concerns, send me a email me through our contact page. Keep checking back as there is more to come on the website.

Thank you for visting the site. I look forward towards making your angel as special as you are!